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How do I request an appointment?

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • New patient packet – if you don’t have this completed you can check into your appointment early to finish in the office.
  • A current list of medications
  • A current government issued photo ID
  • Insurance cards
  • Co-payment or deposits

How do I find the office location?

  • Temecula: 40949 Winchester Rd.
    Temecula, CA 92591
  • Riverside: 4500 Brockton Avenue
    Suite 204, Riverside, CA 92501
  • Corona: 770 Magnolia Avenue
    Suite 2J, Corona, CA 92879

What imaging or medical records do I need to bring?

  • To better serve you at the time of your appointment it is best if you bring a CD of your latest MRI or Xray. We do have the ability to access most images through online portals but not all facilities are available for us to access.
    • Any: inland valley, Loma Linda, Rancho spring, Temecula valley hospital, Temecula valley imaging, California imaging diagnostics, Riverside community hospital allows access. All others will need a CD to be brought to your appointment.
    • It is always best to bring a CD even if we have access as this helps alleviate any errors with the portals or internet connect.
  • If you have an operative report in regard to past surgeries of the condition being seen or any other study reports like EMG and/or bone scans. Bringing items like this can help eliminate any delays during your appointment.

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

  • You can contact our office and leave a message at 951-296-6676 option 1
  • You can email us
  • You can text us at 951-234-3908
  • You can go to our website Contact Us and send a message

How do I get my prescription refilled?

  • 48-hour notice is recommended.
  • It is best to request refills from your pharmacy and they will contact us.
  • If you have medication questions or concerns, please call 951-296-6676 option 3 for prescription refills.

How do I get more information about my disability status that my provider ordered?

  • If you have disability questions or concerns, please call 951-296-6676 option 4.

How do I get a hold of the surgery department?

  • For Dr. Ellis please call 951-296-6676 extension 206
  • For Dr. Kelley and Dr. Robinson please call 951-296-6676 extension 216
  • For Dr. French please call 951-296-6676 extension 303
  • For Dr. Roghani please call 951-296-6676 extension 404

How do I get more information about the referral or authorization my provider ordered?

  • For Dr. Kelley and Dr. Robinson please call 951-296-6676 extension 219
  • For Dr. Ellis, Dr. French, Bacilio Ruiz PA-C, and Dr. Roghani please call 951-296-6676 extension 210.

How do I contact my provider?

  • You can email us at
  • You can message the provider from the patient portal.
    • There is a direct link to the portal on our website at OSSM
    • The web URL for the portal is
      • You will need to create an account and be an existing patient with a current
        account number in our system. You will need your account number to create an
        account. More instructions on our patient portal under “How do I see my
        medical records.”

How do I see my records?

  • Upon check in as a new patient if you provided an email you will receive an invite to our patient portal.
    • If you are unable to locate the invite you can go directly to the portal at
  • Click Create new account.
  • Select user type as patient and click continue.
  • Enter the email address you provided the office and then enter your patient account number
  • Complete the basic information asked and click continue.
  • Create a password and accept the terms and conditions and click submit.
  • Save the portal website and all you will need is your email address and password for future log in
  • If you did not provide an email you will need to call our office and update your account information.
  • If you do not have your account number you can call, text, or email us to obtain that

How do I pay a bill?

  • Our website has a pay bill option here: Pay Bill

How do I take care of my cast?

  • Keep your cast, clean dry and intact.
  • Do not stick anything in your cast this is very dangerous, you can cut, rip or tear your skin. Skin becomes sensitive and tender in a cast.
  • Itchy cast RECOMMENDATIONS: if it is itchy most likely it’s sweaty. You may use a blow dryer on a cold setting to blow some cool air in there, you may use a hand held fan or your AC from your car. Do not use any canned air That is very dangerous and can cause third-degree burns.
  • Showering instructions: Cover your cast with an appropriate bag (garbage or grocery) sealed at the skin above cast (with tape), not at the base of the cast.
  • Your cast may feel snug the first couple of days allow it some time for the padding to compressed your arm.
  • If cast continues to feel snug try some tips prior to calling for a change:
  • Keep your extremity up above heart level (don’t be scared to use 5-6 pillows to prop leg). practice, deep breathing exercises to circulate the blood from your extremity. Deep breath in and let air out. Try this for 5 mins every 20 mins
  • For hand cast remember to move and wiggle your fingers. Touch each finger tip to your thumb. This may help circulate blood through the hand and decrease swelling.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE YOUR CAST AT HOME. Contact our office if you have attempted all recommendations and continue to have discomfort. If your cast gets wet (soaked) contact our office to change cast you do not want to stay in wet cast.
  • If you experience fever, chest pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or nausea call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency room.

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